Zombie Army Pinup Girl

Zombies are The Thing this year, but take it to the next level of foot dragging and be a Zombie Army Pin Up Girl!

This costume is relatively simple and inexpensive to put together. Go to a thrift shop or goodwill store and get a used uniform and hat. If you don’t already have some makeup on hand you can pick up some very inexpensively at the Dollar Store.

You’ll need to wear a pair of Tights- You can pencil in “lines” on white tights but it might smudge. I broke down and purchased some for only $5. Shoes I got an an estate sale for 2 bucks. Cut it up a bit, wear layers underneath to keep warm.
Fake Blood and Putty are a MUST to create the skin peeling effect. If you don’t have putty, you can also use Elmers Glue to peel up to make it look like real skin. (I used Elmers glue for part of the skin part. Letting it dry then peeling up, adding some fake blood gives the real-wound effect. You could also use the gelatin skin effect here.


Teasing long hair can make frazzled look. I also had a jacket to go with this outfit. Can be a dark green/khaki color coordinating jacket, once again, thrift shop for a buck is where I got mine 🙂

Photo Credit: Clara Wilker, Oregon

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