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Mason Jar Mummy Luminaries

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Create your own mason Mummy Jar luminaries for fun, adorable lights to add to your Halloween decor by day and adds a spooky glowing touch by night . . .


These are so easy to make you’ll want several different sizes. If you don’t happen to have cheesecloth on hand, you can easily use 2″ gauze (which is only $1 at the dollar store!).

You’ll Need:
Smooth Mason Jar (whatever size you want)
Cheesecloth or gauze (dollar store!)
1 pair of googly eyes or black sharpie to draw the eyes
brown ink


Carefully cut the cheesecloth into 2″ wide strips. Beginning at the bottom of the jar, apply a tiny bit of glue to the bottom of the jar and start wrapping the gauze/cheesecloth around the jar, slightly overlapping the previous wrap each time.


Add a dab of glue periodically to keep the gauze from slipping off.


Once the entire jar is wrapped, attach the googly eyes. If you don’t have googly eyes, simply draw little circles, but be sure to leave an area of whites!

For added authenticity, dip a q-tip into some brown or black ink and lightly ink the edges of the cheesecloth to give it an “aged” look.

Add a Candle or Flameless tea-light (from the dollar store!) and you have an instant Mummy Candle holder


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