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July 23: National Hot Dog Day

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July 23rd is officially National Hotdog day here in the USA and as such, we thought we’d share a little background with you and also tell you where you can score some free hot dogs on this fun holiday!


As far as we could find, it would seem that the Industry group: National Hot Dog & Sausage Council in the USA is responsible for declaring this day National Hot Dog Day.

Hot Dog Flavors

Hot dogs “flavors” are often a regional thing- and as such, we thought we’d share some regional favorites with you:

Carolina Dog– a steamed dog that is served with chili, slaw, and onions, (occasionally with mustard replacing the slaw!)

Chicago Dog– An all-beef dog that is steamed and served on a poppy seed bun, but not before being smothered with sweet pickle relish, mustard, onions, an entire dill pickle spear, tomatoes, hot peppers and of course, salt.

Coney Island Dog- a steamed dog that is generously topped with beanless beef chili, diced onions and a generous slather of yellow mustard

Dodger Dogs- served on a steamed bun, this Foot-long Pork hot dog is garnished with just about anything and everything of the diners’ choice, the dodger dog is served steamed or grilled.

Double Dog- these potato dogs originated in New Jersey and are generally topped with diced stewed potatoes, and brown mustard on this spicy dog.

Red Snappahs- these are natural casing red hot dogs that are served primarily in New England. They are steamed, (although also delicious grilled) and served on a steamed soft white roll with any variety of toppings. Snappahs are aptly named because they “snap” when you bite into them!

Delicious Hot Dog Recipes

Free or nearly free Hotdogs:

  • Sonic: Score a Chili Cheese Dog or an All American Hot Dog for just $1.all day long- and let me tell you, they are READY for us! Our teen son works here and they purchased 30,000 hot dogs at his location alone!

Other Events for National Hotdog Day

  • Arby’s Deal– if hotdogs don’t do it for ya, you could always visit your local Arbys and take advantage of their Anniversary deal offering Roast Beef sandwiches for only .64
  • Bristol, CT– Bristol’s Imagine Nation Museum is holding a Family celebration and offering games, food and fun from 11am-2pm

What are your favorite ways to enjoy hotdogs?

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2 thoughts on “July 23: National Hot Dog Day”

  1. hey! how fun is this?! who knew there was a national hotdog day!

    i never did; and i think it’s a great idea! hot dogs are one of america’s favorites….about as all-american as a root beer float! great article, and great to include some hot dog recipes!

    thank you!!!:celebrate1:

  2. Personally I think every day should be national hotdog day! it is one of my favorite meals..blackened on the grill….


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