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June 28th: National Tapioca Day

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June 28th is Unofficially National Tapioca Day, we say unofficial because the origins of this “holiday” are unknown.
Tapioca is a starch which forms into tiny soft balls and is derived from the Cassava Root (aka Yucca Root). Gluten free and virtually protein free, this tasty starch is frequently used in puddings, desserts, alcohol and more. It can serve as a thickener and withstands both heat and cold. Here are few of our favorite Tapioca Dishes to help celebrate National Tapioca Day!

Bits-n- Pieces

  • Tapioca is derived from the Cassava Root which is also known as Yucca Root, Manihot, Manioc or Yuca
  • The root looks like giant sweet potatoes
  • Tapioca is frequently used as a face powder, but not before it is cooked, cooled, crushed, ground and screened
  • Tapioca takes on the flavor of whatever it is cooked with
  • There are 544 calories in 1 Cup of Dry Pearl Tapioca

Happy National Tapioca Day!

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