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June 25th: National Strawberry Parfait Day

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Did you know that National Strawberry Parfait Day is on June 25th every year? Strawberries were considered to be the symbol of Perfection by the ancients, so it’s not so surprising that the word “Parfait” actually means “perfect” in french. Sample these sweet strawberry parfait recipes for a taste of perfection today . . .
A parfait is traditionally a tall frozen dessert that contains whipped cream, custard and syrup that is layered, rather than swirled together.

Interesting Bits:

  • Did you know that the average strawberry has about 200 seeds
  • Strawberries are a member of the Rose Family
  • Medieval Stone masons frequently carved designs that included strawberries on altars and in churches and cathedrals to represent Perfection & righteousness
  • Strawberries are the ONLY fruit that actually seed on the Outside
  • If you visit Belgium, there is a museum that is all about Strawberries & nothing else!
  • Old folklore states that if you wish to fall in love, split a double strawberry and share it with the opposite sex, your wish will soon come true.

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