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June 16th: National Fudge Day

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Fudge is a melt in your mouth sugary confection made with 3 primary ingredients, sugar, butter and milk and heated to soft ball stage. You’re probably wondering how did national fudge day even start- and we were too, which is why we did a little digging and discovered . . .

That NO one really knows! Fudge itself can be dated back to a letter sent to a friend by a student at Vassar College in 1886. The key to great fudge is to avoid overstirring, which causes premature formation of crystals, causing a grainy texture, rather than a smooth creamy texture. Most “Fool-proof” fudge recipes contain marshmallow or marshmallow creme, the actual “magic” ingredient in the marshmallow is the corn syrup; which is mainly glucose. Here’s the science part of this lesson- the extra glucose molecules actually act as a barrier for the sucrose molecules and prevents them from forming crystals, creating what we consider to be “No Fail Fudge”!

Here are a few of our favorite No Fail Fudge recipes:

If it’s a little too warm outside for you to be considering whipping up a batch of fudge, celebrate National Fudge day by enjoying some cool homemade fudgesicles!

Perfect Fudge Tips:

Need a few pointers to getting perfect fudge everytime…

  • Avoid scraping the sides and bottom of the pan while you’re cooking your fudge, this causes the sugar to crystallize prematurely and makes the end product grainy.
  • Did you know? Different brands of chocolate have different ratios of cocoa. If a recipe calls for a specific brand, you should use the brand recommended or your fudge may not set properly.
  • Pre measure your ingredients to save time and prevent possible over cooking of the fudge.
  • Always use a candy thermometer and be sure it’s working properly before you begin cooking candy with it. How to test it

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