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June 13th: Kitchen Klutzes of America Day

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June 13th is National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day aka Don’t cry over spilled milk day! This is a day that honors kitchen maladies, from burnt cookies to accidental addition of the wrong ingredient in the recipe, a day to proudly pronounce to the world, “No, I’m Not Martha Stewart and I’m . . .

Proud to be me!” Whether you’ve accidentally turned the blender on (without securing the cover), stood on the counter to reach a glass and pulled the entire shelf down, or let something boil over on the stove- we’ve all done it.

Check out our recent S’mores Bars– which were created following a rather large mistake of accidentally dumping measured sugar into a large canister of flour, rather than the mixing bowl that it was intended for. We ended up with 4 huge batches of cookie dough in an attempt to salvage the nearly wasted ingredients.

Several months ago our oldest son decided to try to make a homemade smoke bomb recipe he discovered on the internet. We were at work and returned home to an amazingly (unnaturally) clean kitchen that smelled uniquely like burnt strawberry jello. I checked the trash, nothing in it, it had been taken out. The floor had been washed, the stove had been scrubbed spotless, just that unique smell that permeated the entire house. I called our sons into the room and inquired as to what had happened and they answered “nothing” in perfect unison. So I did what any self respecting mother would do, I threatened them, of course. He caved, explained that he tried to cook a homemade smoke bomb recipe, that he wanted to perfect it and that when he added the ingredients to the pan, they began to “expand rapidly” … to the point where my favorite frying pan was now out in the woods behind our house because it had to be removed asap from the kitchen. Ah… the kitchen klutz has struck again.

Funny Kitchen Fiasco’s

We thought you might enjoy reading about other people’s funny kitchen fiasco’s as well so were holding a brief contest to help one lucky klutz get OUT of the kitchen!
Simply share your Kitchen Klutz moment in the comments below (or 2 or 3 or 4) and you’ll automatically be entered in a drawing to win Dinner OUT at a Local Restaurant in your area.

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10 thoughts on “June 13th: Kitchen Klutzes of America Day”

  1. hahahaah, that burned strawberry jello story is hilarious! mine isn’t really about me being a klutz but i lived in an area where we had a house that was for rent and renters came and went frequently, about every 60 days or so. We had a new guy move in and he pretty much kept to himself as far as the neighbors were concerned but was very popular, having guests over frequently throughout the day, night, etc.

    About his 3rd week at the house and I was outside weeding the flower beds when smoke came pouring out of his windows.

    and it wasnt just any smoke, it was weed! he had apparently stached a full pound of weed in his oven for “safe keeping” and had forgotten it was there and preheated the oven to cook brownies (no kidding).

    when he realized his mistake, it was burning pretty good.

    you wouldn’t believe the number of people that showed up to the scene of that house! needless to say, that renter didn’t stay long!

  2. mine was defintely a plain old klutz move, i thought i’d give liss fried ice cream a try and i wasn’t really paying much attention to the size of the ice cream balls i made in correlation to size and amount of oil i used in the pan. i filled the pan about 3/4 of the way and heated it to the correct temperature and then dropped my ice cream ball in and the oil was immediately displaced, ran up over the sides of the pan, over the stove, into the flame which shot flames up about 8 inches. I grabbed the handle of the pan and went to plunge it into the sink, but the oil was still flowing over the sides, so by the time I got the pan into the sink, the oil had spread from the stove across the kitchen and made a nasty greasy mess.

    It literally took me about 4 hours to clean it all so that there wasn’t any greasy residue on the floor. next time, when a recipe says to measure the oil and use the correct pan, i’ll be more inclined to pay attention!

  3. that’s funny, in all my years i’ve never heard ofof kitchen klutzes of america day! i have one for you, in my much younger years, i was marinating soy chops in a large glass overnight in the refrigerator. i knew my husband would be home from work soon, so i took preheated the oven, took the dish of marinated chops out and put in the oven to bake.

    it wasn’t long and i heard this god-awful crashing sound?!!

    i run into the kitchen, as the sound came from in that area of the house…i don’t see anything wrong at all…so i look around the house…nothing…go back to the kitchen and open the oven…sure enough, glass was shattered everywhere and in the chops too…soy sauce everywhere too. lesson learned do not put a cold dish in a hot oven!

  4. we had company coming and i needed to make some appetizers as cheaply as possible. since we have chickens i thought i would make deviled eggs, so i cooked the eggs, drained them and let them soak in cool water. well, i started peeling them and realized that the garbage can was full already and i didn’t want to stop and take the garbage out so i thought i’d just run the garbage disposal and get rid of the egg shells.

    about halfway through the 2 dozen eggs, the dishwasher started backing up into the sink and then I could hear funky gurgling noises coming from the pipes under the sink. The shells, now tiny pieces, jammed altogether in a huge nasty mess and completely blocked the pipes. I had to shut off the water, drain the dishwasher hose into a bucket and shove a piece of wire up into the hose to try to dislodge the packed shells.

    Needless to say, my other half was not a happy camper when he got home and discovered the mess. The upside- he stopped at walmart and bought appetizers while he was getting new pvc pipe.

    Lesson Learned.:chicky:

  5. my daddy was the victim of my (and my sister’s) kitchen klutz pies more than once. when i was a teenager, a neighbor gave us some jars of home-canned cherries. i decided they’d be great for a cherry pie and got busy.

    my pie came out of the oven with perfect flaky, golden crust. my daddy got the first piece, and with the first bite started spitting out cherry pits! the neighbor had gone to the trouble of canning the cherries, but not pitting them.
    daddy’s absolute favorite pie was chocolate cream pie with meringue. i made a double batch of pies at thanksgiving one year and forgot to put double the corn starch.

    we had chocolate soup pies.
    my sister’s mishaps seemed to happen only to pumpkin pies. she once worried that the filling would be too much for one pie, and divided it between 3 pie crusts. Her pies were only about 1/2 inch thick.

    One year she made a double batch of pumpkin filling and doubled all the spices–twice. YUCK!
    I sure do miss my sister & Daddy…So glad I have fun memories of them.

  6. Congrats to our random winner, JVallaincrt! We sent her a PM for her Zipcode and it appears she will be enjoying a $150 Gift Certificate to dine at Mortons Steakhouse, which she indicated was her favorite “Splurge” restaurant.

    Congrats & thank you for sharing your Kitchen Klutz moments!

  7. my story happened in greece, where i used to live for about 7 years, one day I came home with a big bottle homemade olive oil from a farmer nearby that I knew. To make the long story short, I placed that precious , 1 gallon size bottle of fresh and very thick olive oil on the top of my kitchen cabinet. But my cat decided to move alongside that bottle one day and tipped it and it fell on the floor, leaving the entire kitchen soaked in really, really thick fresh olive oil.

    I think that’s one of the hardest stuff to take off cabinets, floor, walls, sink and everything that was inside the kitchen.i believe it took me all day to get that wholekitchen cleaned.

  8. i think that you might have waited until the end of the day before picking a winner. it’s still an hour til lunch on the west coast!

    • I think that you might have waited until the end of the day before picking a winner. It’s still an hour til lunch on the west coast!

      If you look at the date of that post you’ll see that it was one YEAR Ago on June 14th 2013 07:58 AM that a winner was chosen.


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