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MYO Crafty Easter Baskets

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Create your own adorable, inexpensive homemade crafty Easter baskets in less than 10 minutes time. These adorable baskets are great for table decor and centerpieces, collecting small treats around the house, or filling with goodies for someone who’s eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Easter Bunny!

MYO Crafty Easter Baskets

Easter/Ostara is such a fun time of the year, particularly for kids. This crafty homemade Easter basket idea can even be used to spread some spring cheer around the neighborhood.

Fill it with small treats or homemade cookies and hang it from your neighbors’ doorknob with a note from “Peter Cottontail”.

You’ll need colorful paper plates for this project, we recommend visiting your local dollar store. You can get a package of 10-14 for only a dollar, so you can make quite a few for next to nothing.


You’ll need:
Paper Plates
Ribbon (optional)


First, Open the paper plates, you’ll need 1 per basket.

Flip the plate over and mark the back of the plate. Most paper plates are 9″ – which means you’ll need to make a mark at 3″ and another at 6″. Then, turn the plate 180 Degrees and mark them again.

Using your ruler, draw straight lines over the marks, creating a perfectly even tic-tac-toe board.

Next, using the marker, highlight Every OTHER line, like this:

Use the scissors to cut the highlighted lines only. Then fold the rounded part into the back of the paper plate, like this:


Repeat until all 4 “corners” have been folded.

Curve them up gently and glue them together.


Here we’ve used paperclips to hold them in place. Glue the flaps up. We used a hot glue gun so that it would dry instantly. You could also use paste or Elmer’s glue, school glue, etc. Just be sure that you hold the piece in place until it dries, or secure it with paperclips so it doesn’t open back up.


If you’d like you can punch holes in each side to attach a ribbon for the handle.

Easter Basket Filler Ideas

This fun homemade Easter (Ostara) craft is easy for all ages. Not sure what to put in it?

Try some of these fun recipes:

What would you put in your homemade Easter basket? Or did you make your own

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  1. i really love this idea!! thank you i am going to use this in my homeschooling art class for my boysLove showerLove showerLove shower:springsmile:

  2. this would also make wonderful baskets for wedding favors, christmas cookies ….i am inspired! i think i am going to try it to cover a 4 inch potted plant. Thank you.


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