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4 More Creative Stocking Stuffers

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Need a few (affordable) last minute stocking stuffer ideas? Here are 4 more truly creative, do it yourself stocking stuffers that can be enjoyed by a wide range of ages!


Create your own Themed Cookbook

Everyone needs to eat, create your own inexpensive themed cookbook for just a couple dollars.
You’ll Need:
Inexpensive 4×6 Photo Album – the one pictured was from the dollar store for .. you guessed it, one dollar.

There are a ton of different ways to create your homemade cookbook- print out the formatted recipe cards to create a “Budget” Cookbook, or try one of these ideas:

stockingstuffer cookbook idea

  1. All candy and cookies for a “Sweets Cookbook
    ✔️ Texas Sheetcake Cookies
    ✔️ S’mores Cookie Cups
    ✔️ Cake Mix Cookies
    ✔️ Cherry Cheesecake Cookies
  2. Popcorn Snack Cookbook A few of our favorites include:
    ✔️ Harry Potter Butterbeer popcorn
    ✔️ Jello Popcorn
    ✔️ Peppermint Bark Popcorn
    ✔️ Salted Maple Popcorn
    ✔️ MYO Microwave Popcorn
  3. Easy Bake Oven Cookbook – perfect for the little budding chef in the family!
  4. Family Bests– create a cookbook of the most loved family favorites, maybe grandma had a fancy recipe that everyone craves- be sure to leave a few spaces empty for the recipient to add his or her own favoritesdollar store cookbook idea
  5. Household Recipes – create a cookbook for the aspiring do-it-yourself’er in your life! Include recipes for things such as:
    ✔️ Mom’s Super Laundry Soap
    ✔️ Windshield Wash
    ✔️ Winter windshield wipes, etc

myo cookbook

Peppermint Snow Stocking Stuffer

candy cane dust
Grab a box of candy canes or peppermint candies, unwrap them, place them in a small zipstyle bag and crush them finely.
peppermint snow 2
Alternatively, you can place them in a blender and pulse until they’re a coarse dust. Using a blender or food processor will cause the dust to take on a pink color, rather than remain red and white.
peppermint snow
Transfer the crushed candy cane dust into a small jar (also available at the dollar store). Create a pretty label on your computer, call it “Peppermint Snow”.

This delightful “snow” is delicious sprinkled in cocoa, cookies, fudge, peppermint bark popcorn and much more!

Marshmallow Cocoa stirrers

Create delicious Marshmallow Cocoa Stirrers, place them in a Novelty Coffee mug along with a package of homemade hot cocoa or coffee mix and you’ve got an instant stocking stuffer!

Check out the next Stocking Stuffer idea: Tickle Me Pink!

Purchase some seeds from a “Sensitive Plant“, also known as a Tickle Me Plant; a fast-growing houseplant that moves and closes it’s leaves when you touch it. Folks of all ages will delight when the plant recoils from their touch as if it’s been “Tickled”!

Pick up a mini pot at the dollar store, add a small sealed baggie of potting soil in the pot and a package of seeds for a super fun stocking stuffer for all ages. Total cost $3 or less If you’re a bit more on the crafty side, personalize the pot by adding the recipients’ name.

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