Bloody Eyeballs on the Rocks

Create your own edible bloody eyeballs on the rocks to stare down your guests at your next Halloween party!

You’ll Need:
6 Radishes
6 Olives (pimento-stuffed)
46 oz Tomato juice

It is best to prepare these bloody eyeballs the day before your plan to serve them.

Take a toothpick and draw “veins” on each radish. Cut each radish in half, then cut the very ends off, leaving as little “white” as possible.

Using the back of a paring knife, gently scrape off the radish peels, leaving thin streaks of red skin on them for blood vessels.

Using the tip of the vegetable peeler or a small knife, carefully scoop out a small hole in each radish.

Stuff a green olive, pimento side out, in each hole.


Lightly Rinse the radish eyeball then place 1 radish eyeball in each section of a mini muffin tin (or you could use ice cube trays, but these don’t fit very well. Fill the mini-muffin tin with water and freeze overnight.

To Serve, Pour tall glasses 3/4 full of tomato juice and add a pair of eyeballs to each glass

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