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Halloween Costume Submission

Halloween is Over, but you probably got some great photos of awesome costumes!

Share your homemade Halloween costume and accessory ideas with others , if you’re one of the *first 50 to Enter you’ll automatically receive an *Amazon Gift Card!

Please Note: ALL Entries that Include a Photo and Complete Directions for making the costume, and Mailing address will receive a gift in the mail, regardless of whether you’re one of the first 50 or not!

(See below form for Complete Guidelines)


*To Be Eligible for Gift Cards*:

  • Entry Must be one of the first 50 submitted First 10 Acceptable Entries receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card, first 11-50 Entries receive a $5. Gift Card
  • Entry MUST Contain a minimum 250 word description of How to Make the Costume
  • Entry MUST contain a Photo that you own the rights to, please do not submit copyrighted photos!
  • All Gift Cards will be sent Via email.
  • Users May Submit Multiple Entries if desired

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