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Gargoyle costume

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The history of the gargoyle dates the stone creature back at least three centuries. The specially-made creatures were designed so rain from a rooftop would run into the open top of the stone creature and spew out the mouth to direct it away from the building, preventing damage to the building. Animal or human figures were often depicted as frightening creatures with wings, horns, claws and other imaginary additions. The gargoyle scary costume idea is great or all ages and is easy to make with inexpensive materials.

Materials Needed:
Gray or medium green shirt and pants
Elbow-length rubber gloves such as those used for cleaning
Old sneakers or slippers
Hard hat or helmet
Paints and brushes
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Two old belts
Face paints


Plan to wear gray or green clothing under the scary costume pieces.
Paint a hard hat or helmet as a base for the gargoyle head.
Cut scary features like horns, a forked tongue, a snout and mouth, and
pointed ears from cardboard.
Paint the scary features to match the headpiece base, and attach all the pieces to headpiece with hot glue.
Paint additional features on the head piece, if you want.
Cut long claws from cardboard. Paint and glue ten finger claws to the rubber gloves and ten toe claws to the toe-end of old sneakers or slippers.
Draw and cut wings from scrap Styrofoam. Paint the wings to match the costume color. Use hot glue to attach two old belts to the top and bottom edge of the wing piece. Place the two belts a few inches apart so they will slip over the wearer’s shoulders.
Put the costume pieces on, then use face paint to add more fright to your gargoyle scary costume.

To look more frightening at a party or when handing out treats, sit in a crouching position like a gargoyle that might be perched in a strategic place for maximum fright-appeal. To add even more to your scary costume idea, have a squirt bottle handy to hold up to your mouth and pretend to spew water as an ancient gargoyle would.

by: marywrite

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