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50+ Affordable Non-Candy Easter Basket Filler Ideas that are still Sweet!

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Easter is one of the biggest holidays of the year and many children look forward to receiving brand new dress clothes and baskets every year. Often Easter baskets are usually filled with different types of treats such as colorful jellybeans, chocolate bunnies, and while these candies are usually a part of the traditional part of Easter, parents can also place non-candy items inside of baskets that their children will enjoy.


50+ Affordable Non-Candy Easter Basket Filler Ideas

One type of non-candy item that parents can use for Easter baskets is bubbles. Many children like playing with bubbles since they offer fun and excitement to them. Blowing bubbles might get a little messy for young children but they can make a great alternative form of entertainment other than consuming sweets. You can make your own Super Bubble mix and present various fun items for blowing bubbles including shapes created from pipe cleaners!
kids blowing giant bubbles

Another type of non-candy Easter basket filler is coloring books or mini coloring pads. Coloring books and pads offer children more than instant gratification from eating sweets; it allows them to use their artistic skills and to pass the time away from coloring pictures or doing activities.

easter basket filler coloring books

Frisbees are another fun toy that can be placed inside of a basket instead of candy. Since Easter happens in the spring it is usually warm enough for children to go outside and throw a Frisbee around for fun. Parents can even organize some games with the Frisbees that they give to their children.
child throwing frisbee
Traditional games and toys such as jacks, marbles, and paddle balls can be given to children during Easter. Even in modern times, these traditional toys can still keep children busy for many hours on end.

easter basket jacks

Harmonicas and bazookas are relatively inexpensive, often under $3, and will provide hours of fun for children of all ages.

easter basket filler harmonica

Small throwing or bouncy balls are also fun for kids to have inside of their baskets instead of candy. Many children like to kick and throw balls and they love to watch a bouncy ball soar into the air as high as it can bounce. Balls make great basket gifts for children during the Easter holiday.

easter basket filler kids balls

If a parent feels as if they absolutely need to put some eggs inside of their children’s Easter baskets they can use plastic eggs and fill those up with gifts. Over the years plastic eggs have become a popular alternative to regular hard-boiled Easter eggs. Even though these eggs can’t be consumed they can be filled with small toys and even money.

Some people have been known to place golden dollars inside of these plastic eggs before giving them to their children. Smaller change amounts can be used as well.

Stationary and pencil sets could also be given to a child during this special holiday.

easter basket filler kids stationary set

Some Easter-themed DVD cartoons are available for under $5.00. Parents will usually have to shop around for them but they are out there. DVDs make another great alternative to sweet treats.

Handheld electronic video games for under $15 do exist and they will definitely be a welcomed addition to a child’s Easter basket. Parents can visit department or dollar stores to purchase them or they can obtain them from online shops.

Childrens’ books are always fun to give to kids during the Easter season. Little girls like dolls and many commercial toy sellers offer Easter-themed dolls for little girls during this holiday season.

easter basket filler kids books

Miniature toy cars are always fun items for little boys and they can be used as a basket gift. Etch a sketch will probably always remain a childhood favorite and they can make great additions to an Easter basket.

easter basket filler child playing with cars

Sticker sets can be used by children to create their own Easter adventures. Parents can purchase Easter playsets for children that consist of bunnies, chickens, cows, and other farm animals.

easter basket filler child playing with stickers

Pinwheels are definitely a springtime favorite that children enjoy and they can be offered to children during the Easter holiday.

easter basket filler child playing with pin wheels

Parents that give their children large or extra-large-sized baskets can place remote-controlled cars or pom-poms inside of the basket for their children.

easter basket filler child playing with pom poms

Hula Hoops and toy rockets are two other gift ideas that would work well for baskets with a bigger size.

easter basket filler child playing with hula hoops

Card games are another fun idea for kids because many children from all generations enjoy playing games of memory and Go Fish. Add a couple decks of inexpensive cards, then print off directions for various games they can learn to play.
kids playing cards together laughing having fun
Sidewalk chalk is a spring favorite that can easily be made at home using leftover eggshells! Kids can write on the deck, the sidewalk, or driveway with their creativity, making critters, games like hopscotch and more. Just rinse away the “canvas” with a hose and start again. Here is a Sidewalk Chalk Recipe& a Neon Sidewalk Chalk Recipe

b101 eggshell sidewalk chalk sm
Eggshell Sidewalk Chalk

A disposable camera also makes a great basket gift idea because children are allowed to take pictures of just about anything they want.

Make your own playdough in several fun colors and shape them like eggs. Place the balls of dough and several easter/spring-shaped cookie cutters in a basket. Playdough Recipes here

easter basket filler child playing with playdough

Costume jewelry, hair bows, barrettes, or a fun music CD also make great gifts for children.

Be creative! It’s spring- rather than using a traditional basket, fill a fun Sand Pail with beach toys such as mini rakes, digging trowels, and various sand play toys for sand castle building. See also- Beach Basket If you need other ideas for gift “basket” containers, check these out.

easter basket filler kids gardening supplies

Or create a “Theme Basket” such as a gardening basket, craft supplies basket, bath basket (for the kid that practically Lives in the Tub!), a sports theme basket,

easter basket inexpensive bath toys
Bug catching supplies! Kids love to catch bugs, lizards, and other little critters and bring them home. I know, I brought home squirrels and chipmunks as a kid! You can pick up inexpensive toast tongs to use for catching bugs, a mason jar with a small piece of screen attached to the screw cap, and a few insect stickers on the side makes a cute, quick “bug box”. Don’t forget to include a travel-size bottle of hand sanitizer too.

easter basket bug catching kit

Small stuffed animals could make a great item for Easter baskets. Parents can purchase Easter-themed stuffed toys for their kid’s baskets as a part of the Easter celebration. Children like stuffed animals and they can use their imagination to create their own Easter-themed adventures.

easter basket inexpensive bath toys 2

For older kids/teens, consider organizing a clue hunt where the main “prize” is found at the end of the hunt. Make the clues as easy or difficult as you need based on the age of your child.

For inexpensive prizes, you could offer these adorable free printable coupons for Chore Free Days, Free movie night (where you let them pick out a Redbox movie, you make them Popcorn & let them have a buddy over to watch their movie with them) and grab a box or two of theater movie candy (which generally sells for $1 at Walmart, Target or big box stores.)

You may remember playing mad-libs as a kid, well, they’re still here! For under $6 your kids can practice their adjectives, nouns, and verbs in the funniest way possible. Easter Mad Libs

Kites are a favorite amongst kids and are relatively inexpensive, often under $3.

easter basket filler children flying kites

Airplane Kits– these are “make your own airplane” kits that are wooden or foam and are often $1 or 2/$1. They are great fun and the kids have a blast putting them together.

There are a variety of gift ideas that parents can use for Easter that do not involve candy or other sweet treats.

easter basket wooden airplanes

Most of these gift ideas cost $5.00 and under and they can be purchased from a local retail store or from an internet website. Easter is the perfect time to give kids a couple of spring outfits, a few beach or pool toys, and some new crayons/art supplies.

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50+ Affordable Non-Candy Easter Basket Filler Ideas for all ages

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  1. these are all great ideas. i’m especially fond of the tips for teens. this year we will have my daughter’s friend stay with us.

    i’m not quite sure what i want to do for them, but i think a scavenger hunt would be some fun.

  2. these are all great ideas. i’m especially fond of the tips for teens. this year we will have my daughter’s friend stay with us.

    i’m not quite sure what i want to do for them, but i think a scavenger hunt would be some fun. :chicky:


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