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Romantic Valentines Day Ideas

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Romantic Valentines Day ideas aren’t just for those with expendable cash. If you happen to be living on a tight budget but still want to treat your loved one this Valentines’ Day then you might benefit from thinking about homemade Valentines’ Day celebrations.

These are things that you will do yourself at very little cost but will still show your significant other just how much you love and adore them.


Romantic Valentines Day Ideas- on a Budget

The most obvious idea is to serve them a romantic meal at home. This is much cheaper than eating out at a restaurant and you can provide them with a better atmosphere at home.

If you turn off the lights and eat by candlelight you will not only increase the romance level but also will keep their eyes diverted from your food which might not be as well presented as the food you can buy.

Tease the Senses

For food ideas, it is best if you stick to foods you know that you can cook really well. This isn’t the time to be adventurous and try something that they may not like. Simple always works best, but try to incorporate some romance into the presentation! In fact, make it a point to make your sweetheart’s favorites all day long!

If you’re not a great cook, pancakes are always an easy choice. Make hearts with little effort by placing metal cookie cutters that have been sprayed with non-stick spray into the bottom of the frying pan and pour the batter directly into the cookie cutter. Remove the cookie cutter just prior to flipping the pancake.

Budget101 Romantic Valentines Day breakfast Ideas


Everyone loves pizza, it’s super simple to make, and easy to transform into a romantic evening. Make one together, a couple that cooks together stays together!

Budget101 Romantic Valentines Day Dinner Ideas

Spaghetti is another very inexpensive meal to put together, and can easily be made a little more romantic with just a few swirls of a spoon. Pile that pasta into a heart, adorn the top with a hearty scoop of sauce, a few sprigs of basil and some shavings of fresh parmesan cheese.

After all, they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach (and I promise you, this works for the ladies as well).

Budget101 Romantic Valentines Day Dinner Ideas

Bake a cake, frost the top and then cut it into hearts to serve alongside some fresh berries. If you’re afraid that it might fall apart, let the baking pan do all the work for you.Β  This is one of the easiest desserts to put together, so it’s perfect if Valentine’s day happens to fall during the busy workweek.

Budget101 Romantic Valentines Day Dessert Ideas

If you’re a little bit more adventurous in the kitchen, make heart-shaped cherry pies.

Budget101 Romantic Valentines Day dessert Ideas

It only takes a little creativity, for dessert you could make a sponge cake in heart-shaped dishes and top with strawberries and cream. Or make an entire heart-shaped cake! Use what you have available to you, for example, use foil to make a heart shaped pan:

How To Make DIY Cake Pans (heart cake pan, cheesecake pan, mini cakes...) // Lindsay Ann Bakes

Once you’re ready to serve dessert, take the romance to another level and feed each other!

Romantic Valentines Evening Ideas

If you add some romantic music to your thoughtful romantic dinner then you are all ready for a lovely night. Be sure to carefully choose songs that you both like and have had meaning in your relationship. A trip down memory lane can really make the time even more special, move the furniture aside and dance like no one’s watching!

Write your sweetheart an old-fashioned love letter and get your love note postmarked from Loveland! Simply mail you pre-addressed, stamped love letter to the Post-Master addressed as follows:

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If you prefer to go out as a couple you can do this cheaply or even free. You can take a romantic evening hill walk and look at the stars, or walk by a river or the sea to hear the lovely sounds of the water to calm you both ready for a relaxing night.

Any kind of walk can be made romantic as long as you go somewhere that isn’t too busy. Just being on your own means you have to make conversation and this will mean that you feel close to each other.


If you want to spend an evening at home but don’t want to cook a meal, you could spend time together looking back through old photographs of your relationship and reminiscing about all the good times that you have spent together.

Or you could watch a romantic film and add to the atmosphere by making some chocolate covered strawberries and having a glass of wine.


Take advantage of low-cost and often free “first-timer” one or two-hour dance classes at a local dance studio. Not only will you have fun, but you’ll have the opportunity to try something new together.

If you live in a colder climate, fill a thermos with hot cocoa and take your love ice-skating!

It might be nice to recreate part of your first date. Of course, this may not be possible, as it could be too expensive or not in a place you can get to on that evening, but if you went to the cinema, you could rent out the film you watched, or if you had a Chinese meal, you could cook a Chinese meal at home instead.

This will show your partner that you have really thought about them, your relationship and what it means to you both as a couple.

It doesn’t have to cost any money at all to say ‘I love you’.

Do you have something you’d like to add?? We’d love to hear your romantic Valentines’ ideas in the comments below!

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