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Avatar Costume Idea

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If you want to make an inventive and inexpensive avatar costume for this Halloween, then try out this costume idea. You will be able to recreate the avatar Navi look with just a few simple materials that you can find around your home or buy cheaply.
Materials Needed:

  • Blue face paint
  • A tan colored or blue top
  • Tan colored or blue leggings
  • Some black material (you can tear up some old black clothing)
  • An optional long black wig


If you are a female that has long hair, you should straighten it and arrange it in braids if you wish. This will give a Navi look. If you have short hair and want to try the longer haired Navi look, then use a wig. If you are a man, then simply smooth your hair in place with some hair gel.

Use the tan or blue top and leggings to create the Navi body look. In the Avatar movie, these characters have a naked appearance, so if you are male, you can always opt to go topless and just use some blue facepaint to add the body color.

Cut the black fabric to create the loin cloth look that the avatar characters have in the movie.

Finally, use the blue face paint to give yourself the avatar blue skin and use makeup if you like to add definition to your face.

If you have these items lying around your home already, then this will be a cheap costume to make, otherwise, you should be able to get the things you need for less than $5.

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