Sexy Goth Doll Costume Idea

Sexy Goth Doll Costume Idea
Sexy Goth Doll Costume Idea

Do you want to be a mysterious and sexy creature this Halloween? If the answer is yes, then a Goth Angel costume is just for you! This costume brings out the inner bad that we all are capable of being. It is designed to give a person that edge that everyone should experience at least once in their life. The following tips will help you put together this costume for under $10.

Find a black dress (preferably a tight-fitted one) and a pair of black combat boots or high heels with fishnet stockings (optional).

If you cannot find these items in black then you can substitute it with the colors gray, silver, or red.

You can even wear a black mini skirt and a black top instead of a dress. Wear a pair of long, dangly earrings (silver or black are the best color choices). or a Br If you don’t already own a pair of black angel wings, you can find a cheap pair online; Craig’s list and eBay usually has some at a very low price.

Also, it is not necessary, but you can buy a black halo or a Bright red bow online as well. Now to make this great Halloween costume idea complete you should wear your makeup dark.

All you really need to do this is a dark shade of black mascara, red eyeshadow, some pale foundation, and black lip stick.

You are now ready to show off your alluring home-made costume.

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  1. This would actually be fun to wear at a ComiCon or at the Dia de los Muertos (Festival of the dead) held on November 1st through Latin America!

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