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Road Rage Victim Costume

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Looking around the house, in a panic to find a funny costume idea for my kid’s costume party, I come across a pair of old torn jeans and stained torn tee shirt. One of our kids had put those cloths in our yard sale bin. I know I can’t sell them, so I decided to use them for his costume. My husband had been working on our car and had our spare tire and a bucket of old burnt motor oil sitting in the carport, which gave me this funny costume idea, Road Rage Victim Costume!

What you need:

  • 1 pair of old jeans (or buy at goodwill, yard sale)
  • 1 old tee shirt (or buy at goodwill, yard sale)
  • Burnt motor oil is best, new don’t work (or ashes where you have a burn pile or dump them from you fire place.)
  • Your spare tire
  • Cheap red face paint (or ketchup)
  • Hair gel (the cheep green or blue stuff)
  • Pair of $2 flip flops
  • Piece of string
  • Piece of paper or 1 blank index card
  • Whole puncher (will make it easier, but not necessary)
  • Old paint brush or kitchen sponge (which ever you have, no need to buy anything)
  • Old news paper
  • Marker or pen

Take the news paper and lay it down in the back yard. Then lay the cloths (front side up) on top of the news paper. Take the brush or sponge and dip it in the burnt oil and rub on the tread of your spare tire. (Or take your spare tire and roll the tread in the ashes.) Then being very careful, roll the tire across the jeans and tee shirt. Let that dry. If it doesn’t dry well take paper towels or old news paper and blot it on the cloths where the tire marks are.

Once dry if the clothes don’t have holes in them tare some holes in areas that don’t cover private parts of course. Take the note card or a piece of paper the size of a note card and use the marker to write on it “John Doe” (or “Jane Doe”) and under that “Road Rage Victim”.

Then punch a hole in the card and put the string through it (use enough string so that you can tie it to their big toe.
On the day of, tell your son or daughter to wet or wash their hair and but gel in it so that it will look messed up and flat. After putting on the jeans and tee shirt take the red face paint or ketchup and decorate their face and the skin that shows through the cloths and drip some on the cloths near those areas.

Then let them put on the flip flops and tie the string around their big toe on one foot. Just make sure that they set on an old sheet in your car or at your house so they don’t get the oil on anything else. I wouldn’t recommend this for young children because they don’t need to ingest the oil. The only other down side to this is that it may smell. Don’t forget to make sure you clean your spare tire good before you put it back in your car.

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2 thoughts on “Road Rage Victim Costume”

  1. every year, my husband and i have a halloween party for family and friends. i love ideas like this that are so unique and original. however, i think i would put paint on the tire and roll it across the pants and shirts.

    the paint will dry and it won’t have the fumes that the oil has and you wouldn’t have to worry about oil getting on other things.


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