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Herman & Lily Munster couples costume Idea

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Do you want to thrill your friends at Halloween with a character costume idea? Using a few items in your home, creating a Herman & Lily Munster couples costume proves easy.

Materials Needed

  • Green face makeup
  • Black eyeliner Pencil
  • eraser tips for bolts
  • Black suit with cuffed legs
  • Turtleneck
  • Platform shoes or boots
  • Temporary black spray hair dye
  • Hair gel
  • Black dress or shirt and skirt
  • Gothic necklace
  • Red lipstick


For Herman,wear a black suit with cuffed legs and a black turtleneck. Add a pair of over-sized black shoes. Apply green face makeup and place a crack line on your forehead. Make up eyes with black eyeliner. Create neck bolts with pencil eraser tips. Use makeup glue to secure the bolts. Create black hair with black spray dye. Ensure that the top of the hair is squared off with gel for that square head look.

As Lily, start with a black skirt and shirt. Add black shoes. Wear a gothic black necklace. Apply green face makeup, red lipstick and create black eyes. Dye hair black with black spray dye. Create a front widow peek with hair gel.

Enjoy your Herman and Lily costumes!

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