Jailhouse Lindsay Costume

You will be sure to get the attention of the neighborhood this Halloween in a jailhouse Lindsay costume. The best part is that this unique costume can be made at home for under ten dollars! This costume is one that will be remembered for years to come and provide everyone who sees it a laugh.

Materials Needed:

Red or blond wig (Depending on which version of Lindsay you want)
White sweatsuit ( Does not need to be an expensive set, a well-worn sweat outfit will just add to the character of the costume)
Makeup ( Use what you have at home to save time and money)
Permanent marker


Use your permanent marker to make the black stripes that are associated with jailhouse attire on your white sweatsuit. Next, apply badly done makeup. The sloppier the better, you want it to look like you have been up all night partying or crying yourself to sleep in your jail cell. Lastly, add your wig and this homemade costume idea is complete!

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