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Make Your Own Sylvester the Cat Costume

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Don’t purchase an expensive Sylvester the Cat cartoon character costume. Make your own from items you have on hand or can obtain from a thrift store. Create a fun and realistic Sylvester costume for under ten dollars, or even free.

Black sweatshirt Black pants, any type White socks White gloves Old white t shirt Glue White ski mask Black yarn White yarn Red pom pom for nose Yellow feathers or felt scraps

For an easy Sylvester the Cat cartoon character costume idea, cut and glue on his features as follows:

Cut a large oval from an old white t shirt. Glue the white piece to the front of a black sweatshirt to look like Sylvester the Cat’s white tummy area.

Prepare the head covering by starting with a white ski mask. Cut and glue pieces of black yarn on the top, sides and back of the ski mask to make it look like Sylvester’s head. Glue a red pom just above the nose hole in knit mask.

Cut a bundle of 10-inch pieces of white yarn. Tie a small piece of yarn around the center of the bundle. Glue the bundle of yarn whiskers just above the mouth hole in the mask. If you want, tie the end of each bundle to give it the shape of a bunch of whiskers rather than hanging downward.

Glue several yellow feather pieces around the mouth area to look like Sylvester has eaten Tweety.

Cut three bundles of black yarn, about a yard long. Braid the bundles together to look like Sylvester’s tail. Tie each end together with a small piece of yarn. Pin the tail onto the back of the black pants.

Put the black pants and the prepared sweatshirt on. Wear white socks over your shoes to look like Sylvester’s cat feet. Wear white gloves to create a furry hands effect. Pull the ski mask over your face, adjusting the eye holes, whiskers and nose to a comfortable position.

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