Falling Satellite Victim

There are a lot of different costumes for halloween available in stores now days but why spend that much when you can make good, unique and inexpensive ones right at home. All you have to do is use your imagination and come up with something no one else has. One good idea that is easy to make in a short amount of time is a falling satellite victim.
You’ll Need:
Hula Hoop
Large Carboard Box

The first thing needed is a hula hoop. If you do not have one then anything hard and flexible enough to make a circle will work. get some foil, a belt and a cardboard box. now your ready to begin

Sit the hula hoop or other circular object on the floor. Take your cardboard box and cut a circle big enough to fit inside the circle. Tape the cardboard box the the circle. Next take the foil and cover the whole thing (including the circular object) up with it. Now take the and put around the circular object only (not on the cardboard. make a hole in the middle for the person to fit in and cut two holes on each side of his body. Put the belt through the little holes on each side and tighten the belt up to comfort and that’s it.

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