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The Marge Simpson look made easy

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Do you want to achieve that Marge Simpson look in an upcoming costume party? That’s easy. Be the talk of the crowd with this simple Marge Simpson getup, created with basic materials in your home.

The best way to start with the costume is from head to toe.

For Marge’s signature blue beehive hair, all you need is to make a base, which could be worn like a hat, made out of paper cartons. If you don’t have cartons, take blue construction paper and make a blue paper chain about 4 feet long. Wrap the chain into a beehive pattern, using dabs of hot glue to secure the shape.

Stick colored cottons on that base and you already have your beehive hair. Next is her bead necklace. The necklace can be anything from cutouts, to a simple bead necklace glazed with red-orange poster paint.

When it comes to her green tube dress, a plain green sleeping blanket would do, or any spare cloth that can be modified to look like a tube dress. Alternatively, A cheap green dress can be found at your local goodwill store. Lastly, Marge Simpson wears red-orange flats, which can be done by giving any old flats a little spray paint work.

And there you have your Marge Simpson costume.

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