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Smurf Costume Idea

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Do you love the smurfs as much as we do? Here is smurphy way to recreate your favorite cartoon character for Halloween from Handy smurf to baker smurf and all the smurfs in between . . .

You’ll Need:
Pair of skin tight White pants
blue shirt
Pair of white shoes
Pair of white tube socks
blue body paid
blue washcloth
white poster board or flour sack or white felt

To become a smurf, put on a pair of white, skintight pants, a blue shirt. Apply blue body paint to any exposed areas (face, neck, back of hands). Roll the blue washcloth up into a small round ball and attach it to the back of your pants as a tail. Cut out a hat shape from posterboard, white felt or a flour sack. (Use whatever you have on hand) to create a cute white hat. Voila, there you have it, a simple, dirt cheap smurf costume!
If you don’t have white sneakers/shoes, simply wear all white tube socks over your shoes instead.

For Handy Smurf: add a heart tattoo to your arm using construction paper & tape
For Baker Smurf– wear a chef’s hat instead of a regular smurf hat
For Smurfette, wear a blond wig and a white dress, blue stockings (nylons)

Alternatively- The costume picture above was submitted by Cindy and here’s her explanation of how she created it:

Brainy Smurf Costume
We purchased sleepwear pattern to construct body of blue & white fleece with headliner foam lining. Head was constructed by inflating a punch balloon, covering with paper mache, and then plaster. Once dry, we covered with fabric, using tacky glue to secure. Eyes & mouth were cut out, with screen hot glued to mask prior to gluing fabric. Painted design on screening for eyes & tongue. We purchased pair of clown glasses, removed plastic lens, and painted matte black. smurf-costume-idea

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