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Flower Fairy Costume

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Flower Fairy costumes are a great way to access your fun and girly side during Halloween. You can buy a fairy costume at practically any store around Halloween, but these will likely be expensive. If you make your own costume, you can personalize it and save money in order to have a frugal Halloween.
Materials Needed:
Plain plastic headband
12 silk flowers
Hot glue gun
Sewing machine Thread
Pink tulle strips
Pink shirt
Pink tights


Cut the stems off of the silk flowers. Glue the silk flowers in a row on top of the plastic headband. This headband will cost less than 4 dollars if you buy the materials at a dollar store. What a great start to a frugal halloween!

Set the headband aside and start work on the tutu. Cut a strip of elastic that is just wide enough to wrap around the waist. Sew the two ends of the elastic together to form the waistband of the tutu. Cut strips of tulle that are each 36 inches long and tie them all around the elastic waistband. The total cost of the tutu will be between 2 and 3 dollars, depending on the size.

This tutu can also be used for other halloween costume ideas, such as a ballerina or princess costume. Hot glue any extra silk flowers around the waistband of the tutu. Pair the tutu and flower headband with a pink shirt and pink tights.

If you already own a pink t-shirt and pink tights, then there will be no additional cost. If you need to buy these items, they will cost you about 3 dollars a piece at discount chain stores. Depending on the many different factors outlined, your Flower Fairy costume will cost between 6 and 15 dollars.

Feel free to use your own frugal Halloween costume ideas to personalize the costume and make it your own.

by: CourtneyC
Photo Credit:
© Can Stock Photo Inc. / StephanieFrey

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