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30 Surefire Ways of Romancing Your Man

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Who says you have to have one day for Valentine’s Day, make a week of it while staying within your budget. Here are 30 surefire ways of romancing your man!

30 Surefire Ways of Romancing Your Man

Start your frugal Valentines celebrating the Monday before by sticking love notes where he can find them throughout the day. Some good hiding places are in his jacket pocket, lunch box, and tape one to the steering wheel of his car, or under the windshield wiper.

Put a frugal love note on the gas cap of his car using a rubber band. Hang a note from the rearview mirror. If his car is as dirty as ours, you can write a love note backward on the back glass so that when he looks back he can read your message, if you’re talented.

Every day that week put a few love notes in different locations where you know he will find them. This will set the mood for the weekend when you both have more time to spend together.


Call his office and get his secretary to leave a cheap sticky note message from you on his computer screen while he is out. Send him a sexy text message or email when you know he is busy.

You can mix it up a bit by recording an erotic message and emailing it to his work email, or if you can get a hold of his phone, record a sexy voice message and save it as your ringtone, and when you call him he will hear it.

If he brings his laptop home from work, make a photo gallery of his favorite pictures of you together and save them as the background on his computer. You can go a step further and Photo-shop messages on the pictures for the gallery. (Just make sure you have a copy of the originals saved somewhere else.)

Call the local radio station that you know he listens to on his way to or from work and dedicate his favorite song to him. Nothing says I love you more than a public show of affection.

If he checks the mailbox on his way home, you can make a homemade card or love letter to place in there for him to find. Hopefully, by the end of the week, he will be really looking forward to the next surprise you have for him.

30 Surefire ways of Romancing your man

Then when the weekend arrives, wake him up on Saturday with a whisper of “I Love You” and make his favorite breakfast. Afterward, you can spend some most needed time with him doing his favorite thing like fishing.

For lunch, you can plan a picnic at his favorite location or if the weather is bad, have a picnic in your living room. Don’t forget to bring a radio along so you can end your picnic with a dance to his favorite song.

30 Surefire ways of Romancing your man

Better yet, you can set up a treasure hunt all over the park or town or woods and let it lead him to the picnic. If you have a pond in your back yard and a boat, make up some messages and put them in airtight bottles and put them into the pond, so after the picnic, you can take him for a boat ride to find his messages. Then go for a hike or walk and enjoy some more time together doing what you like to do. Remember, time is a gift, you never know how much more time you have together.

30 Surefire ways of Romancing your man

When you get home have balloons everywhere with a note and candy inside each one telling him why you love him so much.  You can even write “I love you” or draw hearts on the outside of them with a marker after you blow them up. Who doesn’t like popping cheap Valentine’s Day balloons to see what is inside? While he’s popping the balloons you can be preparing his favorite dinner.

After dinner sing a song you wrote to him or go watch the sunset together. You can also rent a frugal movie from Red Box, or help your budget more by going to the library ahead of time and check out a movie to watch. If you prefer to keep the TV off, Curl up together and read to each other his favorite sexy book, or play strip poker.

30 Surefire Ways of Romancing Your Man

Then before bedtime have a frugal bubble bath for two. Beforehand, write a love note on the mirror with a bar of soap or lipstick. Maybe he prefers a shower; if so leave a message on the mirror with the steam.

Make sure you spray his pillow with his favorite fragrance before he goes to bed then give him a massage.

There are so many things you can do that cost hardly anything, just use your imagination and have fun together.

If you have a family, make plans ahead of time with a friend to watch your children, in return watch theirs the next weekend. I hope these cheap Valentine’s Day ideas help you have a great celebration.


Guest Post by BleedingAce
Photo Credit:© Can Stock Photo Inc. / luky7

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