Santa Suit Pail Gift Idea

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Santa Suit Pail Gift Idea

Duct tape has never been prettier! Create a unique container for gift giving this holiday season- a perfect choice for a “Secret Santa” gig!

You’ll Need:santa-suit-pail-gift-idea

1 Paint Can (you can get these in the Paint Department at Lowes for a couple dollars)
Red Spray Paint OR Red Duct Tape
Black Glitter felt or construction paper
White Craft Boa ($1)
Funky Colored Duck Tape (your choice)

Paint your can red, or wrap red duct tape around the pail (1 strip at a time, completely going around the entire pail.) Repeat until pail is covered.

Wrap a strip of Zebra style duct tape (I found this at walmart over the summer for $2) around the pail as Santa’s beltline.

Cut a small square of glittered felt to make the “Belt Buckle”, adhere using hot glue.

Wrap the feather boa around the top of the can, adhere using hot glue.

This entire project takes less than 15 minutes and makes an adorable gift basket! Fill with homemade goodies such as candied nuts and cookie mixes.

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