Halloween Treat Baskets from Paper Plates

Give the Trick or treaters or party-goers a cute carry home treat box made from a paper plate. Quickie project costs less than a dollar and takes just minutes to create.
You’ll Need:
Paper Plates (Dollar store plates work great!)
Ribbon (optional)
Glue ( a hot glue gun is BEST)
4 paperclips
Pencil & Ruler
Treats to fill the basket

First, Flip the paper plate over to the backside. Draw a Tic-Tac-Toe board on the back of the paper plate: it should look like this:

You want the Center of the tic-tac-toe board to be square. If you measure across a 9″ paper plate and mark it at 3″ & 6″ respectively, then turn the plate 180 degrees and do it again- you will get a perfect square.


Next, Cut every other vertical line. Here I have highlighted them in Orange so you can see where to cut.

Now, Crease each cut by folding the short curved piece inward, they should look like this:


Apply glue to the design side of the curved flaps. Depending on what type of glue you are using, you can fold them inward and secure them with a paperclip while the glue dries.


However, in our case, I am using Hot Glue (I have far too little patience to wait for glue to dry!)


If you’d like to create a “handle” for your basket, simply poke 1 small hole on each side of the basket. Thread a piece of ribbon through and Knot it on the inside of the basket. For added security, you can add a dot of hot glue to the knot.


Voila! You’ve successfully created simple, dirt cheap Halloween treat baskets that you can fill with candies or cookies, etc.

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  1. ooohhh, and easter too. these would be so cute just out of pastel colored plates and full of jelly beans. thanks for inspiring me today!!


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