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Flower Pot Halloween Candy Dish

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Create your own Halloween Candy Jar out of a flower pot! This frugal craft costs under $5 to create and makes a completely sweet, yet slightly spooky addition to your fall decor. Here’s how to make them . . .
These are relatively simple to put together.

Flower Pot Halloween Candy Dish

You’ll Need:
1 Flower Pot
1 flower pot base
1 knob (They have these in the craft section of walmart/target) for .59 each
1 Round vase (bought it at the dollar store)
Spray Paint (Whatever colors you desire)
Halloween Dimensional Stickers (optional!)


Spray paint the flower pot whatever color you prefer. In our examples below we have painted the pot base orange.

Flip the base of the flower pot saucer over and spray paint that as well.

Let the pot dry (this varies depending on the brand of spray paint used). Ours took 30 minutes to cure.


While the flower part is drying, Paint the knob in a contrasting color, here we painted it black. Attach the knob to the saucer to make the “Top” of the candy jar. At this point you can use craft glue, craft cement (we like E6000 – it holds wonderfully!)

Decorate by painting various designs. Here, we actually just attached Halloween dimensional stickers using a little dot of superglue.

Using a strong glue, attach the glass jar to the flower pot base. Let it dry completely and set overnight to cure. Place the Flower pot saucer “topper” on top and your Halloween candy jar is complete!

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