Leprechaun Kisses

If you’re looking for a fun St. Patricks day gift to add to a lunch bag, book bag or just to brighten someones day, you’ll adore this cute Leprechaun Kisses gift idea…

Simply fill a small baggie with one of the following items: green tic tacs, green M&M’s, green jelly beans, green marshmallows, etc.

Create a “Topper” using the following Leprechaun Kisses poem:

Leprechaun Kisses
Just a bit of Ireland
That I’m sending you today
To bring you luck and happiness
On this fine St. Patrick’s Day
It’s a wee and tiny present
Full of good luck and good wishes
Seems the little folk of Ireland
Have sent you some
Leprechaun Kisses.

Place the topper over the baggie filled with goodies and give it to your intended recipient for a little St.Patty’s day fun!
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