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Tie Dye Easter Eggs and Flowers

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Create gorgeous tie-dyed Easter eggs and flowers for beautiful dirt cheap spring decor. This is a fun, fairly quick Easter project to do with the littles! There are a number of different types of food coloring available, if you want really fun colors we suggest the Neon food coloring available from McCormick.

Tie Dye Easter Eggs

Here is the easy-peasy directions step by step, first, gather the ingredients for your eggs (and/or flowers!) While we recommend a coffee filter for this particular craft project, plain cheap paper towels work just as well.


You’ll Need:
1 Dozen Hard Boiled Eggs
White Coffee Filters
Eye Droppers or Spray Bottle
Food Coloring Dye (the Neon colors come out really well!)
Disposable Gloves


First, if you’re tackling this fun project with kids, be sure to cover your entire working area with newspaper to prevent accidental staining. It also helps to wear disposable gloves to avoid staining your fingers too.

Wrap each egg in a plain white coffee filter, gently twisting at the end to tighten.

Add drops of food coloring to the tissue paper, choosing various colors to alter the pattern.

Holding the egg over a dish, spritz it generously with water. The more water you add the more washed out the design will become. If you prefer Bold colors, go easy on the water.

Set the egg aside to dry. Repeat with the remaining eggs.

Let the eggs dry, this takes about an hour without help, but if you’re impatient you can use a hairdryer set on low to quickly dry the eggs (about 5 minutes!)


See it in action: Tie Dye Easter Eggs Video

Tie Dye Easter Eggs Using Homemade Dyes

First, protect the work surface with newspapers.

Secondly, Prepare the Egg Dyes in various colors.

Third, to begin tie-dying your eggs, place 1 egg inside a coffee filter, bring it to a close around the egg and secure it closed by twisting gently.

Next, Using the eyedropper (you could also use a straw by holding the end to pick up one drop of dye at a time) drop your choice of colors on the coffee filtered egg.

Once the egg is drenched in varying colors, set it aside to dry. Continue decorating until all the eggs are finished.

Allow drying for at least 60 minutes.

Once the filters are dry, untwist, avoid tearing the coffee filter. Voila, you now have a tie-dyed egg!


Tie-Dyed Flowers

If you want to create an additional craft, lay 2-3 of the dry colored coffee filters on top of one another. Bunch them in the center and tie them off with a rubber band, This will form a flower. You can either insert a green pipe cleaner for a stem or if you’d prefer, leave off the pipe cleaner add a safety pin and you have a corsage to wear!

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Tie Dye Easter Eggs and Flowers

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