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Costume Ideas Using Boxes

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Dice-Spray paint a box white, add head and arm holes, add black dots. If you want to go as “Fuzzy Dice” you can attach fuzzy material from a fabric store using hot glue.

Soap Box Costume

Get a bag of white balloons and a medium size box. Tip the box upside down, cut a hole for the head, Put the box over your head and cut out holes for your arms. Paint the box a bright color and the word “soap” across it. Then tape the (Balloon) “bubbles” to the top of the box around your shoulders and head. Voila, Soap Box Costume!

Race Car – Fold the sides of the box (on both ends), attach yard from front of box to the back (like suspenders) to rest over the wearers shoulders. Paint the box red, glue 4 paper plates (painted black) as tires. Cut out tail lights from construction paper and attach with a glue gun. Draw a number on the door and a grill on the front using a thick black marker

Robot – Use several different sized boxes, spray paint them silver and cut arm and head holes for a fabulous robot costume. Glue nuts and bolts on the front for control buttons.

Popcorn Box – Paint stripes on the bow and write “popcorn” in black letters. Dress in yellow and glue popcorn onto an old headband or hat & wear that.

Transformer – Apply duct tape to the box and paint various “decals” onto it to depict your favorite transformer.

Fire Engine – Paint the box red, to make wheels, add some black painted paper plates.

Sugar Cube – Cut holes for head and arms, spray paint white, let dry. Spray entire box with a spray adhesive, apply sugar liberally, let it dry. This one is NOT a nice one to leave indoors as the sugar flakes off and also in damp weather, for obvious reasons

Here are a few other ideas that can be created rather easily using a little bit of paint, a box

  • Airplane
  • Birthday or Christmas Gift
  • God’s Gift to Women
  • Gods Gift to Men
  • Nightstand
  • Rubix Cube
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    1 thought on “Costume Ideas Using Boxes”

    1. advent calendar (your face is the window)
    2. ambulance
    3. box of medicine or pills (advil, excederin, etc)
    4. bar of soap
    5. bird house
    6. book, book case, Bible, encyclopedia
    7. box of candy
    8. box of crayons
    9. box of popcorn
    10. box of shoes (e.g., Nike or adidas,etc) Just paint the side
    11. box of tissues
    12. box of toothpaste
    13. bus
    14. cell phone
    15. cereal box
    16. checkerboard
    17. chessboard
    18. claw game (like the kind you see at walmart as you enter)
    19. computer
    20. doghouse
    21. domino
    22. Empire State Building- paint windows all over it
    23. Fedex truck
    24. futuristic car
    25. head on a platter
    26. Hershey bar
    27. house
    28. keyboard
    29. kitchen sink
    30. large mirror (use tin foil for “mirror”)
    31. Lego Block
    32. liquid soap container
    33. Mailbox (the old blue kind at the Post Office)
    34. monsters or animals
    35. old-fashioned phone booth
    36. over-sized street sign
    37. pack of gum
    38. patch of grass
    39. picture frame (with large photo inside)
    40. planter
    41. plate with knife, fork, spoon
    42. platter of fruit or food
    43. race car
    44. refrigerator
    45. report card
    46. rocket ship
    47. safe (with some cash or jewels spilling out)
    48. skateboard
    49. Skill Crane
    50. skyscraper
    51. stove
    52. sponge bob (after all, he’s just a box!)
    53. subway
    54. telephone
    55. trains (go as a pair)
    56. Traffic Light
    57. truck
    58. ups truck
    59. vending machine
    60. x-ray machine
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