Grow your Own Easter Basket

Grow your own natural Easter grass filled basket…
Go Green this Easter and avoid purchasing fake harmful plastic grass that is used for a few hours and then tossed where it accumulates in landfills and finds it’s way into our water supply. Try using natural, healthy grass instead!

Simply Line an Easter basket with a bowl with a piece of repurposed plastic that you have lying around the house already, such as the bottom half of a milk jug or old shopping bags, fill it with potting soil and cover the top with several generous handfuls of quick growing grass-seed such as ryegrass.
Water and place in a warm, sunny spot.

As a bonus, once the holiday is over, the grass can be transplanted into bare spots in the lawn!


If you don’t have a cute basket, no problem, you can recycle a milk jug instead . . .

Cut an empty 1/2 gallon milk carton (to about 4 inches high). Create a handle with part of the leftover carton & staple to the basket.

Decorate the “basket” with cut out construction paper, stamps, wrap colorful ribbons around the “handle”. If you’d like a more rustic look, attach burlap ribbon around the sides.grow-your-own-easter-basket

Fill the basket with potting soil, and cover the top with a generous handful of grass seed. Water daily. Within 3-6 days your Easter grass will sprout. Fill your basket with decorated Easter eggs.

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  1. this is a fun idea actually, cause you can you it for school projects too with lunch milk boxes. instead of the lima bean growth.


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