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Dye Easter Eggs Naturally

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Dyeing eggs for Easter is a tradition for many families, but did you know that you can use fruit and vegetable scraps to make pretty colors naturally? Here’s how to create multiple colors and dye Easter eggs naturally…

How to Dye Easter Eggs Naturally

Create Beautiful designs in your eggs with just a little creativity. Choose from the following pretty colors, pale yellow, pink, deep yellow, spring green, orange, lavender, blue.

Prepare the Eggs

Hard cook a dozen white eggs and allow them to cool completely.

To Set the Dye add 2 teaspoons of white vinegar to the water and bring to a boil with one of the following colors for 30 minutes:

Pale Yellow: Celery Seed, Orange Peels, or Carrot Tops, lemon peels: add 1 (or more) of the items

Pink: Beet Juice, or 1 fresh beet – boiled with the eggs, chopped rhubarb stalks, red onion skins, crushed raspberries

Deeper Yellow: Yellow Onion Skins, Ground Tumeric

Spring Green: use the water from boiled spinach or dandelion leaves

Orange: 2-3cups of chopped yellow onion skins.

Lavender: any brand grape juice

Blue: Boil red cabbage and allow it to cool. Once cool you can dye your eggs with the juice.

Although Unnatural- For strange or unique colors you can dye eggs with Kool-Aid Packets.

To add writing, use a white crayon and draw designs or lettering, dye the eggs as usual, the areas that were colored with the white crayon will not dye leaving beautiful designs.

How to Dye Eggs Mess Free- Whisk Method

To help avoid a mess while dyeing eggs, use the whisk method. Cheap dollar store whisks work best for this as they bend easily.

Easter Egg Whisk Hack! | MESS FREE! 📍 How To With Kristin

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2 thoughts on “Dye Easter Eggs Naturally”

  1. thanks for sharing this! i can’t wait for easter this year. you can also use the following items for various colors:



    • small quantity of purple grape juice
    • violet blossoms plus 2 tsp Lemon Juice
    • Red Zinger Tea

    violet blue

    • violet blossoms
    • small quantity of red onions skins (boiled)
    • hibiscus tea
    • red wine
    • blue canned blueberries
    • red cabbage leaves (boiled)
    • purple grape juice


    • spinach leaves (boiled)
    • liquid chlorophyll

    greenish yellow

    • yellow delicious apple peels (boiled)


    • orange or lemon peels (boiled)
    • carrot tops (boiled)
    • celery seed (boiled)
    • ground cumin (boiled)
    • ground turmeric (boiled)
    • chamomile tea
    • green tea

    golden brown

    • dill seeds


    • strong coffee
    • instant coffee
    • black walnut shells (boiled)
    • black tea


    • yellow onion skins (boiled)
    • cooked carrots
    • chili powder
    • paprika


    • cranberries or juice
    • red grape juice
    • juice from pickled beets


    • lots of red onions skins (boiled)
    • canned cherries with juice
    • pomegranate juice
    • raspberries
  2. these are great suggestions for coloring eggs. don’t forget to hard boil them:) grape juice will leave permanent stains on everything it contacts.
    tumeric likewise. (yellow) so put on your painting smock.


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