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The Glowing Stick Figure

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This costume is one the easiest and inexpensive to make and you can dress your entire family! You will definitely turn heads and have your neighborhood in stitches!

Start with a black sweatsuit. These are usually east to find as individual pieces at many discount stores. You may also check your local second hand shop. You will also need a black ski mask (or stocking cap with holes cut out for eyes, nose and mouth). The final things you will need are several glow necklaces, (found at dollar shops and party supply stores) and a hot glue gun.

Lay the sweatshirt on a flat surface. Open glow necklaces (do not pop them to glow yet) lay the top of the stick figure patten out with the necklaces and when you are satisfied, use several small dots of hot glue to secure the necklaces to the shirt.

At the neck opening of the shirt, form an oval hoop that sticks up above the collar. Secure with hot glue.

Lay the sweat pants flat and at the bottom of the sweatshirt (this is to get your stick person pattern to match up) Lay your necklaces in the pattern to form the stick figures legs and feet. Again, use dots of hot glue to secure the necklaces to the pants.

Wait several minutes for the hot glue to dry. Make sure it is no longer warm and sticky, then double check to make sure your necklaces are secured. If so, you can proceed with the backside of your stick person.

While making the backside of the stick person, be sure and attach the necklaces in a similar pattern as you placed in the front. The only exception would be the legs. You can either make straight legs, or place two circles on the seat of the sweat pant to form a “bottom”. Then attach the legs to the bottom of the circles.

Once your hot glue is completely dry, you are ready to get dressed! Make sure you put on the ski mask and dark shoes (or simply wear black socks over top of your shoes.) Now gently snap each of the glow necklaces and shake the garments until all of the necklaces are glowing. Get dressed and prepare to hear gasps of surprise and giggles of delight. And you WILL be stopped again and again and asked how you made it!

Have fun and Happy Halloween on a budget!the-glowing-stick-figure

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