Akuma (from Street Fighter)

akuma from street fighter
Akuma (from Street Fighter)

I wanted to be Akuma from street fighter but saw around the net and what they had was very sad looking so like last year I made my own costume. I went trough all the pictures I could find online and got a good idea of what i wanted and got to work.

From the hair, to the home made japanese wooden slippers (made with 2 different size wood bought at a hardware store, wood glue, nails and rope for the thongs then spray painted brown) everything was hand made.

For the prayer beads around the neck, I took 6 2-inch wood balls and 12 1-inch wooden balls, made holes through them with a drill and painted them brown, put a wire through it.

I ordered a karate uniform (gi) in white since i could not find the color I wanted, and dyed it, that gave it that work look as well, and took a serrated knife and rubbed it fiercely trough the edges to give the torn looks.

For the face I bought a prosthetic eyebrow piece since Akuma has no eyebrows, and blended it in with latex and used makeup to blend to my skin color.

Hair took a long time to do, it was a white wig that i reshaped and spray painted to look like Akumas hair.

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