Big Baby

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I’m sure in your life you’ve known someone who was being a ‘Big Baby’! With that in mind, here is another easy last minute costume idea that can be put together in less than 30 minutes.

You’ll Need:

Sleeper or Sweat Suit
Big Pair Of Underwear
Teddy Bear
Baby Bottle or Pacifier (String to attach it)
Hair Elastics
blush & eyeliner

This is a relatively simple, super fast last minute costume idea. Wear an old sleeper or sweatsuit, add underwear to the outside (to appear like a diaper), attach a baby bottle or pacifier to the costume. It’s best if you attach this with yarn or ribbon to avoid having to hold it while trick or treating. big-baby

Create multiple pigtails, or if you’re working with longer hair, just a couple pigtails. Apply blush liberally to the face and add “Freckles” with an eyeliner or eyebrow brush. Add a Teddy bear and Voila, Instant Big Baby.

Btw, this makes great blackmail ammo in the future (in case this Baby didn’t look familiar, this is Me!)


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1 thought on “Big Baby”

  1. @ target they have kid footies! my daughter loved it . this is a great cheep idea and i only spent about 15$ (and thats rounded)


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