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Hippie Costume Idea

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Turning into Hippie or Flower Child is relatively easy, using a little bit of cardboard, some bright colored markers, an old t-shirt and a couple packets of cheap kool-aid. This costume took about 4 hours total (including drying time to tie-dye the t-shirt!).

You’ll Need:

Cardboard- To Create "Peace Signs"
Foam Flowers (optional) We had these in our craft supplies
Old Light Colored T-shirt (stains optional, lol)
2-3 Packets Kool Aid

First, Gather several sections of the shirt, twist and secure with rubberbands. We didn’t have any rubberbands so I used hair elastics that I had in the bathroom cupboard. In several small bowls add 1 pkt of kool aid, 1/4 c. white vinegar and 1/4 c. water. Dip each small gathered section into a different color, wringing out the excess liquid.

Once each section (area) has been colored set t-shirt aside to dry. This make take a couple hours depending on how saturated the shirt is. In our case, it took less than 3 hours to fully dry. Once dried, snip off the elastics and hang until ready to wear.

In the meantime, add foam flowers or cardboard flowers to a pair of black pants (Or if you have old bell bottom style pants, those work well too!) The "Who’s Your Daddy Hat" came from a fair we went to.

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