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Teletubby Costume

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This is a costume idea for a toddler. You’ll need a sleeper, a couple pieces of felt (depending on which teletubby you’re trying to create and a piece of Grey felt (for the “tv screen” belly).

Since I hate sewing, I simply used a glue gun to attach the gray felt to the belly of the sleeper. To make the Ears, lay 2 pieces of felt on top of each other, draw out the shape with a sharpie and then carefully cut them out. Use hot glue around the entire edges to glue them together. Add a piece of gray felt for the “inside” of the ear, like the teletubbies have.

Create the head adornment (horn thing!) by cutting out the shape in felt, hot glue the edges, let it dry and the turn it inside out so you cant see the seams. I attached the “Horn” to a red hat that we had laying around. What type of material you choose for the head piece is completely dependent on how warm or cold your climate is. In this case, it is VERY cold in our area on halloween and it’s not practical to go trick or treating without being covered up!

This costume took about 45 minutes to put together for a total cost of $1.85 in materials.

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