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Haunted Evil Eye Tin Can Luminaries

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle… and then, Haunt your Yard! Create creepy demon eyes to haunt the little trespassers with these evil eye tin can luminaries
You will need:

Rinsed Tin Cans, Labels Removed

Nail, Hammer, Tin Snips or Wire Cutters


Wash cans of various sizes, fill them with water and place in freezer overnight.


Once Frozen, Remove from Freezer and place on rolled up towel (to protect your countertop!)Draw evil eyes on can.


Starting on one side, gently tap a nail into the tin, making a complete outline around the eye.If you plan to place these over candles outside, make the eyes near the “bottom” of the can by turning the can upside down. If you plan to cover the top with tinfoil, as I did, make the eyes near the top of the can.

Once you have completed punching out the eyes. Flip the can over and punch out a small triangle for air to get in, otherwise your candle will automatically extinguish.


Run the can under warm water and dump out the ice. Using the tin snips, carefully cut out each eye. Place around the yard on small piles of prepared earth (sand or loam!)


Use caution as these get extremely hot and should not be left where children can touch them. Also, this is not a good indoor decoration.

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