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Enchanting Corn Husk Kitchen Witch

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Kitchen Witches are a popular custom that originally hails from Northern Europe. Legend has it that having one of these beauty’s in your kitchen will prevent pots from boiling over, food from burning, and guard against accidental cuts and scrapes. Whether the legend is true or not, this enchanting corn husk kitchen witch is sure to brighten any home.


How to Make Your Own Enchanting Corn Husk Kitchen Witch

You’ll Need:
24 pieces of black yarn, each about 15 inches long
8 tamale wrappers or dried corn husks (sold in grocery stores) soaked in warm water for at least 15 minutes, until pliable
3 (12-inch) pipe cleaners
1 (6-inch-long) stick

Gather the yarn pieces together and knot in 1 end.

Remove excess water from husks and stack 4 together. Lay the knotted yarn on the husks, with the knot at the narrow end.


Roll the husks around the knot and secure tightly with 1/2 a pipe cleaner.


Carefully fold the husks down over the knot to form the witches head.(If husks have not been soaked long enough, they will split and crack.)


Wrap 1/2 pipe cleaner around the husks to form the neck.


To make pose-able arms, roll a pipe cleaner up lengthwise in a husk. Use short pieces of pipe cleaner at each wrist to prevent the husk from unrolling.


Sandwich the “arms” by sliding it up into place between the layers of husks.


Using 1/2 a Pipe cleaner, cinch just below the arms to form a waist on your witch.


Using 1/2 a Pipe cleaner, cinch just below the arms to form a waist on your witch.

To create a hat, cut 2- 5″ circles from corn husks. Cut 1 circle in half and curl it to form a cone shape. Cut a 1 1/2 inch Asterisk and carefully place down over the cone.

To create a broom, fringe the bottom of a husk and then cut it 1/2 inch above the fringe. Place a stick on one end and roll it up, securing with a small piece of pipe cleaner.


Add ribbon to her waist for additional color if you like. To give her a look of wearing an apron, simply trim the top layer of husk.


She will last for many years to come. The method for creating various corn husk dolls is the same. Follow the steps above and accessorize each doll differently. Small sprigs of dried flowers or herbs really add character to each doll.

homemade corn husk dolls

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5 thoughts on “Enchanting Corn Husk Kitchen Witch”

  1. omg this is so adorable! what a really cute craft idea. i was going to make tamales with my tamale wrappers, but i think i’d rather make a little kitchen witch instead!:purr:

  2. wow! thank you for sharing this! we’re having a big bbq this afternoon with tons of corn on the cob and i’ll definetly save my husks to make these with the kids :cloud9:

  3. Oh this is adorable! I can tell this site will be keeping me busy, organized, frugal, and I’ll have plenty new try! I’m most definitely going to make this!


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