Make Your Own Gothic Candle Holders

make your own gothic candle holders
Make Your Own Gothic Candle Holders

Add a touch of Adams family elegance to your Halloween display with these simple to make gothic candle holders.

  • Glass Bottles, Various Sizes (Beer, Wine, Soda Bottles)
  • Flat Black Spray Paint
  • Taper Candles

This is one of the easiest ways to transform a few old bottles into gorgeous gothic candle holders. They make a lovely centerpiece or accent on a mantle or shelf.

make-your-own-gothic-candle-holdersTo make, simply take several (Clean, dry) bottles of various sizes outside.
make-your-own-gothic-candle-holdersChoose varying sizes for the best effect
make-your-own-gothic-candle-holdersSpray-paint the bottle black evenly all the way around.
make-your-own-gothic-candle-holders (Stick your finger in the top to turn it). Let set to dry.
Once dry, arrange varying sizes as a centerpiece or on a shelf, add candles (long taper candles from the dollar store work great!).

Total Cost for Project- .40 cents

  • Can of Flat Black Spray Paint .98 (Lowes) Used about .25 worth
  • Bottles- Free- Recycled
  • Candles 18 Pk Utility Candles from Dollar store .15

If you’re feeling particularly crafty, carefully stretch some cobweb material around the bottles and attach a few fake spiders. Don’t forget to “Glam” up your spiders with sparkly nail polish or glitter.
Fire Hazard Note: Be sure the web isn’t near the flame or this will pose a fire threat.

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