Outdoor Haunted Cemetery Scent

Patchouli, Patchouli, Patchouli!!!

Patchouli was used in the 17th-19th centuries to make the smell of death and human decomposition at wakes and funerals, particularly during times of plague.


If you’re looking to add an authentic graveyard scent to your Halloween display or party, patchouli is a perfect choice.

It perfectly captures that musty-freshly-turned-earth/fresh flower smell. Get it in oil form as the fragrance will last a long time and a few drops will go a long way. Add a couple drops to tea light candles for lasting Cemetery Scent.


Alternatively, patchouli essential oil can be added to an essential oil defuser to waft the scent throughout a room quickly and rapidly.

PVC Pipe
6 Wooden Dowel Rods (Yard Length)
Black Paint
Black and Grey Spray Paint
PVC Glue

1. Cut PVC pipe so you have three pipes 38 inches tall (you will have one left over)
2. Paint the pipe and all you wood rods black (pipe will take two coatings)
3. Lay them out on the ground how you want them to look with the PVC pipe on the two ends (you can use a ruler to make the distance and set up more accurate)
4. Glue it together with PVC glue
5. Tie all the crosses together VERY TIGHT with the rope or use zip ties crossways (try not to move the piece too much or it will break apart)
6. Use the black spray paint to cover the glue and rope
7. Lightly mist over the whole piece with the grey spray paint
8. Apply the varnish/protectant so that it will be weatherproof.

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