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Enchanting Witch’s Broom Favor Bags

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Delight the ghosts and goblins that darken your doorstep this Halloween with these enchanting witches broom Favor & treat bags..

  • 2 small Paper Bags, Lunch bags work well
  • 1 Stick
  • Candy or small toys
  • Black Twine

These super easy witches broom favors are sure to delight your guests.

Open 1 paper bag and push out the base, then fold the bag flat. Carefully cut the bag into thin strips, stopping at the edge of the base. Be sure not to cut into the base (bottom) of the bag.



Open both bags. Place the second bag within the base of the cut bag.
Carefully Fringe the top of the second bag by cutting thing strips into the top.
Fill the bag with candy or treats.

Hold your twig in the center of both bags, about an inch or two into the inside of the bags, Gather the strips of the first bag around the second bag and cinch the tops of both bags.Secure with Black Twine, yarn or jute string.

Total Cost for Project- .10 cents

  • 2 Lunch Bags- .02 each (1 pkg of 50 bags at Dollar General is $1.00)
  • Twine (about .06 worth)
  • twig – free
  • Candy- depends on what you get.

Our filling of choice was a small rock and some balled up newspaper. These handy little brooms make adorable decorations.

If you’re a city dweller, or you’re not particularly a fan of walking through the woods in order to pick up sticks, you could use Pretzel Rods instead of Twigs.

I would recommend that you switch to the much smaller snack size paper bags if using pretzel rods to maintain correct proportions.

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