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Angel #2 Costume Idea

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  • White or any light color long dress.
  • Cardboard for making wings.
  • Optional Halo made from wire

There are many different ways to dress as an angel.

Basically you can wear any long light colored dress such as pink or light blue or yellow. Check your closet! You may already have a dress that you can use.

You will want to have wings. You can make the wings out of cardboard. Draw your pattern on the cardboard before you start cutting. You will have to adjust the size of the wings to fit you. You should now paint the wings white if you haven’t used white cardboard. If you like, you can use spray glue. Than sprinkle glitter over the areas where you sprayed the glue. Or you may want to use a tube of glue and just put the glitter around the boarder.

Attach the wings to your dress by sewing or with staples that can be removed later. Be sure to have the pointed parts of the staples away from you facing out. If you want you can make a halo from wire and cover it with tin foil to make it shine.

Free Angel Wing Pattern


Medium Size – 1 Square = 3″

Large Size Wings – 1 Square = 4″

Submitted to Budget101 Discussion list by Amber 2002

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