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MYO Pumpkin Preserver- Prevent Mold and Wilt

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Halloween is near and while many love to decorate with pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns carved with various delightful patterns and expressions, it can be frustrating to watch your pumpkin wilt or mold before the big night arrives. Here’s a very easy pumpkin (Jack-o-Lantern) preserver . . .

The most often recommended fix to help prevent premature wilting and mold is to thoroughly spray your pumpkin inside & out, with WD-40. Let it set for at least 24 hoursbefore adding your candle!

We use this every year and it keeps the pumpkin from rotting/molding, etc for about 15-17 days or so.

Other Pumpkin Preserving tips that our Members and Fans have shared are:

Soak the Hollowed out pumpkin in a solution of bleach water (1 tsp bleach per gallon of water) overnight. Then spray it daily with the same ratio of mixture. This keeps the pumpkin hydrated and kills any bacteria. This lasts 9-10 Days.

Make Your Own Pumpkin Fresh- Mix 1 Tbs of Borax with 4 cups of water, spray the pumpkin liberally every other day. This is a fungicidal spray. This lasts 12-14 days

Coat the inside And outside of the carved pumpkin with white school glue, let it dry. It dries clear and helps prevent dehydration of the pumpkin. This lasts about 5-7 days.

Coat the pumpkin inside and out with Vaseline (aka petroleum jelly). Containers of petroleum jelly can be found for about $2 at many dollar/discount stores. This lasts 7-9 days

Seal a carved pumpkin by spraying it with an Acrylic Spray (found in the Home Good Department of your favorite big box store) or at lowes, home depot, etc. Be sure to spray it OUTSIDE as the fumes can be overwhelming. This lasts 7-9 days

Following the carving and treatment of your creations, try to keep them at temperature of 62-65F for best preservation. It generally takes about 48 hours for mold to start becoming apparent, so be sure to re-treat as needed.

What are your favorite pumpkin preserving methods?

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3 thoughts on “MYO Pumpkin Preserver- Prevent Mold and Wilt”

  1. Wow I’m so glad I found this! Coincidentally, I asked about this on the watermelon carving thread. Will these also work to prolong the “life” of the carved watermelons?

    At least this year I won’t be disappointed by my creation caving in within a few short days!:goodpost:

    • LOL, here we go again with the easily offended. I’ve never once had a fucking squirrel or bird “pick” at my pumpkin, before, during or after Halloween. Don’t be a cheap bitch, put some birdseed out and they’ll eat that instead, animals aren’t as stupid as humans.


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