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Edible Honey Dust Body Powder

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Edible Honey Dust Body Powder
Looking for an interesting Romantic Valentines Day or Anniversary Gift? Why not make your own edible body powder to enjoy a fun, flirty, romantic evening that you won’t soon forget!
8 oz. cornstarch
2 oz. honey powder
2 oz. vanilla powder

Mix well and sift. To use; apply to your lover using a fluffy feather.

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2 thoughts on “Edible Honey Dust Body Powder”

  1. I’m making my wife this honey dust body powder recipe to add to a little gift bag of goodies I put together for her. I hope she’s not disappointed that I made most of her gifts, we’ve been struggling with finances since covid struck.

  2. Silky-soft, moisturizing body powder that leaves skin silky-smooth and delicately scented. With your partner: Dust the feather applicator onto the body and kiss afterwards. As part of your routine: Dust the body with this powder before dressing to stay dry and cool all day.

    You can add a drop of raspberry oil to the mixture if you’d like a slightly different flavor sensation.


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