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Romantic Whipped Body Cream

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Looking for an interesting Romantic Valentines Day or Anniversary Gift? Why not make your own whipped body cream to enjoy a fun, flirty, romantic evening that you won’t soon forget!

You’ll Need:

2 tbs. beeswax
1 tbs. jojoba oil
1 tbs. mango butter
1 tbs. cocoa butter
1 tbs. coconut oil
1 tbs. flavoring extract
1 tbs. honey powder (optional)

5 tbs aloe gel (pure gel)

Melt butters and wax, stir in oils. Mix in honey powder. When cooled, beat in 5 tbs. aloe gel until fluffy, (a hand mixer works GREAT for this!)


The wonderful part about this body cream recipe is that it can easily be adapted for multiple scents and or flavors.Be sure to use pure food grade ingredients.

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2 thoughts on “Romantic Whipped Body Cream”

  1. hello i am new to the making your own oils, can you tell me where i am able to find the ingredients that this recipe calls for.:smile1:

  2. I love the concept, and the ingredients are all natural, but… that is a boat load of wierd stuff, hard to find, and probably expensive to get small quantites. Not on my to do list.


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