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Little Love Notes

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Little Love Notes
Sometimes a little love note goes a very Long Way! You can tuck these one at a time in a sandwich bag for you honey’s lunch, or put a bunch of them in a small basket. You could use these any time of year just to boost that romantic feeling!
~”You have the KEY to my HEART.” (Tape a key to a Chocolate Heart)~

~”You really charge my BATTERY!” (a small rechargeable battery)~

~”You are my HONEY.” (a honey bear or plain bottle of honey)~

~”You sure are a Q-tee.” (Travel sized Q-tips)~

~”I sure was a SMARTIE to choose you!” (package of Smarties candies)~

~”You have my STAMP of approval.” (Book of stamps, or one cancelled stamp)~

~”I just love you so much it HURTS.” (bandage)~

~”EWE are the only one for me.” (One small stuffed lamb toy)~

~”I feel strongly that You and I were MINT to be together.” (tin of Altoid mints)~

~”You WARM my soul.” (package of Hot Chocolate)~

~”SOCK it to me baby!” (new pair of red socks)~

~”If you KNEAD me, I’ll be there.” (package of yeast)~

~”You are SO HOT.” (Small bottle of Tobasco Sauce – or package of hot cinnamon hearts)~

~”You COLOR my world.” (package of crayons)~

~”You BRIGHTEN my day.” (a flashlight)~

~”You LIGHT up my life.” (a candle)~

~”You are so much FUN to be with!” (confetti)~

~”Even when things get rough, you always STICK with me- thanks.” (a stick of gum)~

~”You give me MOUNDS of love.” (Mounds candy bar)~

~”A HUG and a KISS to remind you of me.” (Hersheys hugs and kisses)~

~”A whistle – ‘If you need me–just WHISTLE’ (or pick up the phone and call!) .” (a small whistle)~

~”You make me SMILE.” (a smiley face sticker)~

~”You mean the WORLD to me.” (a small globe) ~
Shared by Gaeyl
~Original Author Unknown~

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