Cupid Poop #9

Cupid Poop #9
Choose a poem and adorn a baggie containing red hots, cinnamon candies, valentine M&M’s (red, pink and white) with a cute printed topper for a fun Valentine gag gift.
“I used not my tongue to seal this flap,
‘Cause I’ve sent you Cupid Crap!”
My thoughts for you, I cannot tell with words,
But you get the message, from these Cupid Turds!”
On Valentine’s day, just as the sun came out,
A commotion roused me to my stoop,
NO!, a FLAMING BAG?! I stomped it out,
Then found my shoe coated with Cupid Poop!”
Just when you thought that Valentine’s Day,
had no space for any more improvement,
Your doubts must all now fly away,
You’ve gotten a gift of Cupid’s bowel movement!”
I think that Valentine’s day is for lovelorn fools,
So I’m giving everyone samples of Cupid’s stools!”
I did not seal this flap with spit,
’cause inside I put some Cupid S**t!” submitted to the budget101 Discussion List,
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