Christmas Snow

christmas snow
Christmas Snow

Add the beautiful effect of snow to the branches of your holiday tree using a few basic ingredients . . .
1/3 cup liquid starch
1 cup soap flakes (shaved ivory soap bar) or detergent granules
1 to 2 tablespoons water
Blue food coloring

Mix liquid starch into soap flakes. Using a hand mixer, gradually add in the water, beating until the mix has the consistency of marshmallow fluff or thick meringue. To achieve a icy effect, carefully beat in a couple drops of blue food coloring.

To Use:
Dab the “snow” onto the tops & ends of your Christmas tree branches using a paint brush or foam brush. For added effect, sprinkle tiny amounts of glitter onto the “snow” before it dries.

CAUTION: Do not let pets lick this, tell young children not to handle it, as they may end up with soap in their eyes.

If you’d prefer the snow effect have the scent of Christmas you can add either cinnamon essential oil or balsam fir essential oil to the mixture, about 15 drops will do.

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